EKG rhythm inspired necklace

My awesome scientist friend who is growing heart tissue came up with a great idea to incorporate EKG rhythm into the necklace design.

I made the first sketch...

... and the first paper mockup.

After the fitting and adjusting the general shape we decided to tweak also the shape of the wave to better resemble the ekg.

The second mockup turned out to be a total success and the design was ready for production.

This is how the pattern looks like. It is printed in scale and applied to the bobbin lace pillow to be worked on.

The 'grandma style' production...

Testing the final result on a mannequin. (and healing the pierced fingertips after pushing pins into the pillow)

Necklace goes safely in a folder (exclusive Mantzalin jewelry folder) ...

...and rocking the TED Global stage!!!

and chatting with Katie Couric (how awesome is that!!).
click the link to see the interview: ninatandon.com

Thank you Nina for trusting and promoting!

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