Manca learned handicrafts from her grandparents in a little village in the Slovenian mountains, where lace has been a prestigious craft for generations. She enrolled in the Lace School in Ziri as soon as she entered primary school. At the age of 12 she won her first international lace-making competition.
By the time she entered high school, Manca was already recognized as one of the leading lace pattern designers in the country. In 1999 she was awarded the title Master of Home Arts and Crafts by the national Chamber of Commerce.

While studying architecture Manca became interested
in digital technologies and their applications to design that stretch beyond established pre-computer methods and thus allow creation of previously impossible designs.
Manca’s metal lace jewelry reflects her exploration of the boundary between human body and space – as thresholds between traditional and digital, flatness and space, softness and firmness, simplicity and complexity,..

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